Our intrepid winter (technically spring but you wouldn’t know it) Wwoofers (worldwide worksers on organic farms) are here: Marie-Josephine and Jean-Baptiste, who have performed amazing path building feats on their first proper day here at Lackan Cottage Farm. Here they (above) are at the newly constructed steps that lead down to the hen pen. Something we’ve realised pretty quickly is the need for dry land to make all the day to day tasks easier (and less muddy) so we are concentrating on sorting things out that make that happen.  Today we worked around the house and hen enclosures, and managed to put in a new water supply to the stables while we were at it.

 Here is the wonderfully meandering path, heading down the steps, past the hens and on to the growing field.

The ex-battery hens love nothing more than a bit of freshly turned earth. All the granite stone that edges the paths comes from around them, and as it is washed clean by the rain, becomes amazingly white.

Mud no more. This area was a sloppy, muddy mess yesterday.

One of our ex-batts enjoying a bit of winter grass and showing off.