This is a really beautiful time of year in the woods, and I’m in the process of clearing fallen timber and storing it to dry. Here’s the entrance into the woodland, which opens into a great clearing, in which is growing one of the few Rowan trees we have.  The Rowan has always been seen as a magical tree, that can offer protection against all manner of evil. The woods are full of bright clearings, deep pools, and well worn animal tracks, and I love the old mystery of the place.

The woodland has grown on bog, and so is mainly birch, which tolerates the acidity. However the odd ash does grow where there is a bit of dry land. In a month or so I’ll begin to fell a patch, and begin the coppicing process. In the area that is still bog, with no tree cover, I think we’ll take out the birch saplings and preserve the habitat, as it’s quite amazing, but on a tiny level.

Here you can see the remnants of old peat cuttings, in the form of a rampart – a raised walkway into the bog.  Some are as high as 6 foot, this one has become very overgrown, but is still passable.

So the old cabin in the woods is starting to fill with timber, and I reckon once it is filled, that will do us for next year, at least..