It seems that concentrating on range cookers for a while seems to be attracting them. Until a couple of weeks ago we’d never heard of the Wellstood Two (or WD 36) stove, and then having just put one in, out of the blue we are very kindly offered another. This second one has had a somewhat harder time than the first, having been outside for over three years, but these things are incredibly resilient, and after a bit of a superficial clean, it is probably usable, though the boiler is most likely done.

The initial idea was to use it as spares – and we may still do that if dismantling reveals significant rot, but I am very tempted to completely restore it – it is such a nice colour, although it would need completely re-enamelled. I just love the idea of giving it a new lease of life.

and here is what you are left with once all the outer casing is removed. This is off for shot blasting next week, then we will be ready to begin re-assembling with new bolts and fittings.