Once again this year we are offering our popular one day ‘Off Grid Living’ course, which takes a look at all the aspects of living the off grid life here at Lackan, and gives practical examples of how elements of this can be used in your everyday life. Our new off grid living series of 5 half day courses explores the topics of Water, Waste, Food, Energy and Buildings in more detail, and gives us the opportunity for more hands on practical work. All these courses are designed with a permaculture ethos in mind, and can be taken individually as well as a block of 5 courses.

Water – looks at how to collect water from a roof or well, how to store it effectively, to move it to where it is needed, and how best to filter or treat it to render it safe for consumption. We’ll look at the issues surrounding cleaning water, and the various ways that you can set up an effective water system using low cost materials. Book Here

Waste – This course looks at some common types of compost toilet, how to build them, their effectiveness, and what to do with the waste. We explore the complete waste cycle, through to using safely composted material on trees or crops. Dealing with greywater from sinks, baths and showers is also covered – how to create a basic greywater treatment system, and the pitfalls involved. Finally we look at household composting systems, how to build them effectively, and to turn your food waste into valuable garden compost. Book Here

Energy – The practicalities of using solar or wind to generate energy in our climate, an overview of how to set up these systems, store the energy, and useful ways to deal with surplus, and monitoring use and generation. We also look at solar hot water, and how a combination of energy production methods can help to heat your home. This includes a look at a variety of wood stoves and heating systems. Book here

Food – Producing food on a small plot of poor soil. We look at the challenges, how to create basic beds – raised beds, no dig beds and ‘lazy’ beds. We’ll set up a no-dig area ready for planting, and take a look at plant guilds, companion planting, and planting for biodiversity. Also covered will be polytunnels – siting them, and growing tips. Book here

Buildings – Here we look at the possibilities for low cost off grid structures, from barns to homes, using everything from pallets to commercially available materials, recycled and salvaged, and natural materials and finishes. We’ll look at simple barn structures, a converted truck tiny home, restored stone building, renovated stone building with more commercial natural materials, and a low budget strawbale barn. Along the way you can try your hand at mixing and applying simple earth plaster made using local material. Book here.

Additionally you can book all five courses together for a significant discount. To block book the series for just £150 click here