Well, our climate chickens are fairly coming home to roost tonight, as storm Frank rages around us. Destructive winds are raging, huge amounts of rain falling, and we genuinely don’t know what will still be standing come the morning.  The wind turbine is howling as the wind increases, and we hope that  the rated survival speed of 130mph holds good. Something that I never thought would happen, much like the flooding across the north of England.

This week someone finally admitted that we have moved from a period of known weather extremes, to a period of unknown weather extremes. We have created conditions for weather that is entirely unpredicable, and which I think will change the face of our country permanently.

All we hope is that our family, friends and animals stay safe, and we will fix what needs to be fixed once the calm comes. Until then, all we can do is hope that damage isn’t too bad.