2022 marks our tenth year here at Lackan Cottage Farm, and a lot has changed, both here at the farm and in the wider world. Much of what we’ve done here seems very relevant in 2022, and many things that were relatively ‘fringe’ back in 2012 are becoming mainstream now, especially in the field of energy production. Although we’ve pretty much reached the stage where all the big work is done, the past 2 years have pushed us to rethink the way we run things here, keeping our home and our public spaces a bit more separate. It has resulted in us creating some great new spaces on the farm though.

The problem is the solution

One of my favourite permaculture sayings, and on this occasion it has meant we’ve pushed to get the workshop completed (bit of drying out to do but its very usable and heated, which is important), as well as the outside space around it. We’ve also got the new area just across the lane with the tipi where we can gather under cover, and where people can pitch tents if they are camping. Its a slightly more back to basics approach, but one that

We’re going to kick off 2022 with a couple of tours, as so many people have asked to come and look around; and then our first weekend course will be a practical one. We’ve build a number of compost loos over the years, and this is intended to combine all the best bits of them, whilst giving people the chance to gain some building skills. It will be near our workshop/teaching space and intended mainly for visitor use.

Then we’ll run the first of several 2 day permaculture / off grid living courses – the first taught by Steve, and Marianne Lindfield of the Pod Project, and the second with Hannah Mole of Earthcare Permaculture and Steve. Hannah has taught at Lackan since we first arrived so its great to see her coming back in our anniversary year.

It’s great to be opening back up