Today we created a simple raised ‘lazy’ bed, although why they are called that I’ve no idea – making them is strenuous enough. The first step is to mark out and then turn over all the sod on your bed area. At this stage the bed is pretty flat looking.

Then, we cut the turf from the path next to the bed, and put it on the bed.


Thanks to Andrew and William for their hard work

Then, the soil from the path is thrown up to cover all the sods cut, and firmed down, and your bed is ready to go. This one is a couple of feet high, and we’ll plant on either side as well as along the top. The bed faces broadly east-west, so it has sun on it all day.


Three hours well spent, and a big increase in growing area. The final step in the process is to light a fire, sit down and have something to eat…