Autumn is well and truly here at Lackan Cottage Farm, and the colours are amazing. This is the time of year for fixing fences, getting the place sorted for winter, and as the land is so wet, cracking on with all the many projects that need attention. First up was to finish clearing the astounding quantities of scrap metal that hide in every hedge, and pile of grass. It’s quite an impressive heap now, and with any luck I’ll get someone to come and collect it this week –

Doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s great to have it all collected up, and know that the horses won’t stumble upon any of it. They are enjoying their new winter paddock, and come and go through the early morning mists..

Having repaired all their fences, we’re replacing some of the tatty old barbed wire with new plain wire ones, and dividing  off the areas that are soon to become orchard, and our vegetable growing spaces. Here’s Sirus the dog inspecting my handiwork.

and finally some of the great early morning sun that is such a novely..