This week, the NI Executive set a date of July 20th 2020 for accommodation in Northern Ireland to reopen once again.

Here at Lackan Cottage Farm, our guests health and wellbeing has always been incredibly important to us, which is why we used materials and finishes free from harmful chemicals when we renovated Birch Cottage. From food safe paints to natural local timber inside, to the fresh smell of the birch wood next to the cottage, this has always been a place to come to retreat, relax and rejuvenate.

We’re focusing on ensuring that despite Covid-19, guests can continue to enjoy a safe, healthy stay. You can be assured that our cleaning procedures reflect current best practice. We’re using effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products, including a tested, approved, environmentally safe and non allergenic disinfectant – a solution of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) to keep everything clean and safe.

To ensure safe social distancing we’ve put everything you need to know about your stay at the cottage online, and set up a secure self check in procedure. But of course we are still available by phone, text or email to help with any questions you might have at any point of your stay.

Our commitment to our guests and to the environment is stronger than ever, and we’ve worked hard to make sure that you have the safest possible experience with the least possible impact on our planet.

You can relax here because –

  • Birch Cottage / Lackan Cottage Farm is in a rural setting and it is possible to check in, stay on site, enjoy the countryside, and remain safely isolated from others during your stay.

  • We have thoroughly assessed all the risks and taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests, ourselves and our community.

  • We have developed thorough cleaning protocols using approved methods and products that ensure the property is always in a safe and thoroughly clean condition for all our guests.

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