Well I never thought we’d do this as quickly, but today the roof frame went on with surprisingly little fuss.  In the morning we completed the henges and finished the wallplate – below

and had a practice run with the reciprocal frame at ground level so that we’d have some idea what to do when doing it up high.

After a well earned cup of tea, all the rafters were made ready, and our *huge* charlie stick put in place (that’s Charlie  there in the middle next to Evie).

Our rafters are pretty variable in length, but there is some method involved, and we’ll extend that right side on down to meet the bank where a log store and kitchen will live outside of the main structure.
Our completed reciprocal roof has a fairly small central lantern, and consequently a steepish pitch, but I think it looks great, and I’ve been up there on top to sit and admire the view.
Thanks to Clinton, Chris, Evie, Wesley, Rachael and Tina for making it all work so well.:)

Clinton and Wesley begin boarding out the frame, and right – the porch frame is now up.