Midwinter is upon us, the weather continues to play tricks – outside a sycamore tree is starting to bud, and the temperature remains in double digits while the fifth storm of the winter has begun to rage. All very strange. But this winter we are more prepared than ever before, thanks to the many volunteers who have come and given their time over the year. We’ve tended the gardens, put up a wind turbine, a bike shelter, built reedbeds, chopped a lot of wood, mixed, trod, stirred and plastered, shared some great food, and enjoyed the company of folk from near and far.  To all our friends, to those who came and visited, who inspired us, shared with us, and passed by our door – thank you once again. You make it all possible, we couldn’t do it without you (we wouldn’t want to do it without you). Wherever you are, whatever you are doing – have a wonderful time, enjoy your Midwinter, Yule, Christmas celebrations and maybe our paths will cross in the next year.