So after a week, the wonderful woven birch fence is complete (at least for now – we have used up all the material), and it looks really fine. It is amazing how much birch was needed to create the fence, but now as we coppice the birch woodland, we’ll cut all the tops with this in mind, and keep it aside so that we can create more. The inspiration for the fencing came when we visited the Ulster American Folk Park, and saw this –


Which used larger material than we have, but was just what we needed. At first the task seemed quite daunting – the fence is 60 feet long and curves, though this actually gives it strength. Isabelle and Josianne made a start –


and within a couple of days the fence was starting to take shape. As it grew in height the uprights were pulled into line.


And now its a sturdy and beautiful chicken proof barrier that I admire every time I walk down the growing field. The only material left over from the birch cutting is some tops and small branches, but we have a use for those too…