Lets face it, installing 1000 litre rainwater storage tank was always going to guarantee us some sunshine, and so it was that we had a week of glorious weather.
All good things come to an end of course, and so it was that today we got some serious rain, and a nice, free 500 litre water delivery.
I had concerns about storing it for any length of time, but that’s a 5 day supply so it should be fine.
I’m hoping that my filters are enough to stop any nasties getting through – there is a 25 micron sock filter in the tank itself, which removes all the washoff from the roof getting in; then there’s a mesh filter in the water system itself, and finally a ceramic and silverised filter which should kill any bugs. It certainly looks clean at the tap, and at least it doesn’t smell of chlorine.
This at last means that our electricity and water are 100% off grid, and all our grey water and sewage is treated on-site. The next step is to concentrate on managing to buy things without packaging, which might just turn out to be one of the hardest challenges we’ve had so far..